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Peter Quale

VP Accessibility & Remediation

I am a technologist who is interested in growing your market share through accessibility. My top areas of experience lie not only in creating websites that meet or exceed Section 508 & WCAG 2.0, but also in demonstrating the impact of accessible code on your SEO & SEM. UX issues and attributes we consistently find errors in during audits, when fixed can positively affect everyone’s use of a website. I have been using industry best practices and ADA Guidelines to construct accessible websites since the early 1990’s and got my start doing so for the University of North Carolina.

I am well versed in JavaScript & CSS, Java, PHP, SQL, C# and Python. My agency experience offers A360 clients extended benefits in the area of how the overall development of your website affects your marketing. I have managed several multi-million dollar integrated media campaigns for national brands.

Additionally, I have years of experience evaluating website technology for legal teams on cases including those vs: Amazon, Overstock and Netflix. I lead the Website Remediation services at A360.

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