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Kelly Heikkila

Chief Technology Officer

"I’ve been developing software since 1999, working as a coder, architect, product manager and business owner. Some of the world’s largest organizations use software that I’ve helped build in order to better run their businesses.”

I also founded and sold a web + mobile development agency, so I know both the product and service sides of the world. Through these experiences, I truly understand that it takes both passionate people and great technology to do the incredible things that Accessible360 is doing.

Before getting into software I worked in the film and commercial industry as a location manager. I scouted for, contracted, and managed logistics for filming locations. It was an incredible but grueling experience blowing things up, transforming a town for an entire summer, and finding parking for a mile worth of cars and trucks. It’s also where I originally acquired my nickname, K2. I often marvel at all the parallels between indie film production and software startups.

Both take great, creative ideas and build something out of nothing with a group of passionate (and a bit crazy) people. We have all of this at A360.

I love being outdoors with my boys, riding my bike, running and skiing. When indoors, I love watching and reading sci-fi whenever I have time.

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