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Jed Norgaarden


Helping companies succeed is exciting to me. When I can pair achieving success for a company with a mission to benefit society, then it becomes both exciting AND personally fulfilling. That synergy is what attracted me to “A360”. I am excited that my role as President allows me to focus on fulfilling the company’s opportunity to make digital properties accessible to all.

Having run nonprofit and for-profit companies in the past, my addition to the team brings the benefits of an experienced operator. Also, having spent years as a strategy and management consultant has reinforced that solving the customer’s problem whether through dedicated people or great technology is paramount. While the second half of my career has been growing smaller companies, the first fifteen years was spent in major global corporations learning best practices.

My off-time is spent with family, occasionally playing a round of golf and pursuing an interest in midcentury modern architecture. My heroes are my two children, each in their own way.

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