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Digital Accessibility For Law Firms

Trained to Help Your Clients

Are Your Clients’ Sites Accessible?

We have deep experience working with law firms and their clients in auditing websites for accessibility issues, as well as in developing actionable and clear plans to improve accessibility and promote compliance.

Of equal importance is what we don’t do: We don’t provide legal advice. We leave that to you, the attorneys, and we do not dabble in providing professional legal services as that is your domain and we respect that division of roles. Upon request, we do have examples of Accessibility Statements, Accessibility Policies, Action Plans, and similar documents, but we prefer to provide those to you, the legal counsel, for your consideration and review, and not directly to the business client.

We understand the importance of confidentiality and privilege in this context, and will work with you, the legal counsel, to protect client confidences and sensitive work product. We are also experienced in preserving evidence – the website itself – consistent with your instructions and have specialized tools for this purpose.

We are able to communicate complex Information Technology (IT) matters in clear terms, without jargon, so that you and your client can readily understand our recommendations for applying technical standards, such as the WCAG2.0, to your website. Our unique qualifications offer you one source for a variety of expert services.

Our goal is to ensure that your clients’ websites provide a consistently excellent experience to everyone who engages with them. We guide them through the processes necessary to produce exceptional results and reduce risks. A360’s highly qualified team of experts can offer firms several types of solutions and services, including Accessibility Consultation, Audit, Remediation, Training and Monitoring.

Although we always defer to you as the legal expert when it comes to your client, we are proud that our entire leadership team and our consultants receive training in accessibility law from a range of attorneys, both in person and via webinars. We receive briefings on new cases and trends. These various attorneys are well published on current and pending litigation and standards on ADA Law, WCAG 2.0 & Section 508 standards as well as enforcement actions from the DOJ and private litigation initiated by firms such as Carlson Lynch and the Lee Litigation Group. The legal training has prepared us to provide the most comprehensive, holistic approach to the business of accessibility consulting.

Please contact us to be your partner in protecting your clients from legal action but in also creating a more accessible and attractive website and application for everyone.

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