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Your Patients Depend On Digital Accessibility

When patients and caregivers have difficulty requesting records, getting directions or making appointments due to inaccessible sites or documents, the quality of care diminishes.

The practice of digital accessibility is especially important for hospitals, clinics, and care networks.

The use of digital communication is quickly moving from an alternative means of communication to becoming the primary and sometimes only means for many patients. Focusing on digital accessibility to provide equitable access to all patients is front of mind for most healthcare organizations due to legal activity for non-compliance and pressure from patients.

Count on A360 to help make your healthcare institution be compliant and provide excellent care for all your patients. At Accessible360 we pride ourselves on being the digital accessibility experts and helping our healthcare clients with WCAG Compliance through our robust live-user audit and support process.

To learn more download our A360 Healthcare and Digital Accessibility Overview PDF and Contact Us today!

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