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All Your Constituents Deserve Equal Access

Many Government Agencies and Departments are not accessible. Even though it is the law.

Unique Challenges In Government

Government websites, documents and applications are often held to a higher level of accessibility with an expectation that all content and functionality is available to all users. This effort can be particularly difficult when budgets are tight and timelines long. Government organizations need an accessibility team that finds affordable solutions to complex problems.

Accessible360 Is Here To Help

Accessible360 helps government agencies, municipalities, and technology vendors by identifying digital accessibility issues and then working with your development team to help solve them. A360 becomes your partner through this process whether your needs involve websites, documents, mobile apps or other digital properties.

Recent Developments

The National Federation of the Blind and a blind retired federal employee have sued Blue Cross Blue Shield and the U.S. Government, Office of Personnel Management for an alleged inaccessible benefits website (See Yahoo Finance). While many agencies and vendors in the past have been able to claim accessibility with little or no effort to back up those claims, this lawsuit is likely to mark the end of that era.

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