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The Financial Industry Faces Challenging Compliance Issues

Your industry understands compliance, but unfortunately it is still one of the most targeted industries for accessibility lawsuits.

Why is Digital Accessibility Important?

Having your websites and apps available to more people to both discover your services and become loyal customers is vitally important to your bottom line. Furthermore, many banks, credit unions, and similar financial service organizations across the country have received demand letters claiming that the organization’s website or apps are non-accessible to blind and other disabled persons. These letters claim the organizations violate the Americans with Disabilities Act (the “ADA”).

The Law

Although the ADA was passed in 1990 and does not discuss websites, multiple courts have held that the ADA does apply to websites and requires websites and similar technology such as apps to be accessible to individuals with disabilities. (For example, National Association of the Deaf v. Netflix.) The U.S. Department of Justice (the “DOJ”) has taken the position repeatedly in public documents and enforcement actions that the ADA applies to websites, including bank websites, and that such websites should meet the standards described in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, level AA. (For example, DOJ “Consent Decree” H&R Block, 2014.)

You work hard in the incredibly competitive financial industry to attract and retain customers. Don’t let your digital platforms go unchecked for compliance when we can test and improve accessibility for everyone who wants to engage with you.

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