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Helping You Help ALL Of Your Students

Accessible360 works with educational institutions at all levels and the platforms they use to provide greater access to all students while avoiding costly lawsuits.

The Promise Of Technology

For more than 30 years, technology has promised greater access for all students and better tools for teaching. The expectation was that these technologies would provide students living with disabilities more opportunities. And while this did happen, not all schools paid attention to the needs of all students in every aspect of the classroom. Even today, many students do not have full access to all education materials, research tools, and classroom management and communication tools.

Accessible360 works with educational institutions to provide greater access to all students. Our process provides a roadmap to provide equal access to all students understanding the unique needs of these types of organizations including the myriad of 3rd party vendors in education and complex budget cycles. In addition, Aaron Cannon, our Chief Accessibility Officer, worked as the Lead Accessibility Engineer for Instructure, makers of the Canvas Learning Management System, one of the the top LMS in higher education in the US.

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