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Digital Accessibility In E-Commerce

Your site can help ALL shoppers find your products and services

The Law

In August of 2008, Target settled a class action suit opens in new window for $6 million plus legal fees and agreed to make accessible for all users. This landmark case set the precedent that online retailers must make their sites accessible to all users including those with vision, physical, cognitive, and hearing impairments. In practice, all e-commerce sites must be accessible to all users, regardless if the retailer has physical locations or not.

Jump ahead to today and we find many retail sites still do not perform live testing for accessibility and often have interface issues preventing full access to people with disabilities.

We can help

At Accessible360, we perform live user audits on all sizes of retail websites, train internal teams, provide remediation support and provide ongoing monitoring to help ensure accessibility. Some things to think about for your e-commerce site:

  • Planning for accessibility up front is much more cost effective than remediation. We recommend all new e-commerce sites include accessibility planning early on. We can help at any stage including web design, CMS architecture, content management processes, and template development.

  • Automated testing is never enough. A machine can not determine what is accessible for a human being. Automated scans and tools are only an indication of issues that might exist, and they are often incorrect. Most demand letters and legal settlements specifically require human user testing.

  • Accessibility remediation of the checkout process improves usability for all users and often results in lower cart abandonment and higher conversion rates.

  • Accessibility remediation of product detail pages results in higher client satisfaction and more repeat business. Creating usable e-commerce sites for all visitors increases customer loyalty and retention.

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