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Attract More Customers & Reduce Risk

1 in 5 Americans have a disability. Become accessible and attract more customers.

The Target Precedent

In 2008, Target settled a class action suit for $6 million plus legal fees and agreed to make accessible for all users. This landmark case set the precedent that online retailers must make their sites accessible to all users including those with vision, physical, cognitive, and hearing impairments.

We Can Help

Accessible360 understands the unique environments, constraints and pace of eCommerce teams. A360 can provide an Initial Accessibility Assessment & then a complete Live User Audit. These key diagnostic steps paired with A360’s expert technical guidance will help your team create a more accessible experience in both the short and long term. This guidance takes the form of QA testing, our A360 Help Desk, Knowledge Base, Training Videos and a platform to manage it all.

eCommerce Tips

  • Planning for accessibility up front is much more cost effective than remediation after the fact. We recommend all new e-commerce sites include accessibility planning early on and A360 can help at any stage of your process.

  • Automated testing alone is never enough for true conformance. A machine alone cannot determine what is accessible for a human being. And in terms of risk, most demand letters and legal settlements specifically require human user testing.

  • Accessibility remediation of the checkout process improves usability for all users and often results in lower cart abandonment and higher conversion rates.

  • Accessibility remediation of product detail pages results in higher client satisfaction and more repeat business.

  • Creating usable e-commerce sites for all visitors increases customer loyalty and retention.

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