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Helping You Help Your Clients

Your clients will be impressed with us. Our goal is to have them be more impressed with you.

Why Is Accessibility Important?

Let’s face it, the sooner your clients’ websites and apps are “compliant” the less likely they are to be the target of a costly and time-consuming legal action. Our advice: Act proactively…a good defense is the best offense.

Working With A360

Our partnership with agencies often starts prior to a project being released. We work with your design, development and project teams to help make your project accessible from the beginning. This includes assisting in design reviews, testing development work and training your staff.

In other scenarios, where your project has already been released, we work with your team to audit and identify the problems that need to be addressed. We then provide further QA and ongoing support to make sure the remediation is done correctly and your sites or apps stay compliant for the long run.

In either scenario, A360 provides the accessibility subject matter expertise, while you continue to perform the design and development work as you always have.

Supporting equal access on your clients’ websites is the right thing to do for them and their customers.

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