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Digital Accessibility For Agencies

Helping You Help Your Clients

Why Is Accessibility Important?

Attempts to enforce ADA website compliance are on the rise. Demand letters are being served and lawsuits are being filed. The need to make your clients’ websites more accessible to all is not a matter of if but rather when. The sooner your clients’ websites are “compliant” the less likely they are to be the target of a costly and time-consuming legal action. Act proactively.

Working With A360

We’re happy to be your partner on this service and are open to your ideas on how we can join forces. One option is a collaborative training session. Together, we can identify areas of need and remediate the sites to meet WCAG Guidelines. Upon completion of these services we will provide your clients with Accessibility Monitoring to protect their investment.

Supporting equal access on their websites is the right thing to do for your clients and for everyone who wants to do business with your clients.

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