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Remediation Support Specialist Job Description

About Us

We provide accessibility audits, remediation support and ongoing support and monitoring for companies large and small. Our diverse team brings a breadth of experience in accessibility, web development, marketing, sales and technology that is focused on making websites and mobile apps more accessible for all people.

The Position

Reporting to the VP of Services, the Remediation Support Specialist is responsible for assisting A360 customers to become accessible more efficiently by: connecting them to resources to answer advanced technical, strategic, and legal questions, by providing client guidance with both business and technical meetings, and via tailored code examples.

In addition, the Remediation Support Specialist will provide internal assistance by working with our Accessibility Engineers to troubleshoot more complex issues, write knowledge-base articles, and record training videos.

This role may also be required to provide further advocacy for accessibility in the development community and promote A360 through speaking engagements, participation in forums, and provision of assistance to popular open-source projects.


Audit, Remediation & QA Support (60%)

  • Assist with more complex accessibility issues, including code, process, and interpretation of guidelines, for our customers and for A360 Accessibility Engineers
  • Provide day-to-day support to our accessibility engineers as they audit customer sites, including answering questions and providing examples
  • Provide technical leadership on customer calls when discussing remediation issues
  • Represent A360 in a wide variety of situations to provide decisive guidance on issue management and maintenance, legal advice, strategic guidance, architectural impact assessment, work estimation, and more.
  • Help expand our Knowledge Base and update articles
  • Help expand our training & demo videos

Strategic Advisement (30%)

  • Serve as a strategic advisor to customer teams to help them navigate and balance the complexities of accessibility, business impacts, and legal risk.
  • Identify internal process gaps affecting client satisfaction, then develop action plans for resolving those gaps directly or by facilitating cross-disciplinary discussions. These include:
    • Accessibility Practice advising
    • Common Issue additions and refinements
    • Knowledge Base additions and improvements
    • Complex Component definitions along with the Component Library
    • Issue management (A360 HUB) UI improvements
    • Help Desk boilerplates.
    • Proofreading and internal reviewing sensitive issues and Help Desk responses.

Outreach (30%)

  • Contribute to marketing where appropriate including blog posts, white papers, social media posts, and other related activities.
  • Create and promote projects, such as mini-sites and documentation, that demonstrate accessibility concepts to a larger audience as a mechanism for grass-roots marketing and supporting our mission.
  • Find, apply to, coordinate, and speak at local, regional, and national developer-oriented events.
  • Engage in and facilitate community-building activities such as hackathons in order to raise brand awareness and generate excitement around accessibility within developer communities.
  • Develop and demonstrate the business value of a strategy for contributing accessibility features to existing open-source projects.


The following are the requirements for this position:

  • 2+ years professional Javascript development experience
  • 2+ years professional experience with React, Vue, Angular or similar frameworks
  • Previous experience contributing to open source projects
  • Direct contact with stakeholders leading technical design and development meetings
  • Ability to speak and write to both a technical and non-technical audience

The following items are desirable, but not required:

  • Mobile development experience (iOS, Android, React Native, etc.)
  • Experience working with enterprise-class organizations
  • An understanding of web-based accessibility issues
  • Screen reader and other assistive technology experience
  • Experience with the browser accessibility APIs, particularly in Chrome
  • Experience with universal design

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