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Developer Advocate Job Description

About Us

We provide accessibility audits, remediation support and ongoing support and monitoring for companies large and small. Our diverse team brings a breadth of experience in accessibility, web development, marketing, sales and technology that is focused on making websites and mobile apps more accessible for all people.

The Position

The Developer Advocate is responsible for helping A360 reach a broader developer community and help share A360’s knowledge of how to make digital properties accessible. Our ideal candidate for this position has experience working in a medium to large development agency and/or experience in an enterprise development environment. This person excels at discussing development and accessibility with a variety of audiences from technical to business to legal groups. Note that candidates need not have a strong accessibility background only a strong sense of curiosity and a willingness to learn.

Day-to-day the Developer Advocate will work with A360 customers helping them tackle digital accessibility by answering technical questions, providing hands-on assistance via developer-focused meetings, tailored code examples and pairing. In addition, the Developer Advocate will provide internal assistance by working with our accessibility engineers to troubleshoot more complex issues, writing knowledge base articles, and recording training videos. This role will further advocate for accessibility in the development community and promote A360 through speaking engagements, participating in forums, and providing assistance to popular open source projects.

If you are passionate about connecting with other developers and sharing what you know then this position is a good fit for you.


Audit, Remediation & QA Support (70%)

  • Assist with more complex accessibility issues our customers and A360 accessibility engineers are experiencing by answering questions and providing examples
  • Provide day-to-day support to our accessibility engineers as they are auditing customer sites including answering questions and providing examples
  • Provide technical leadership on customer calls when discussing remediation issues
  • Help expand our Knowledge Base and update articles
  • Help expand our training & demo videos

Outreach (30%)

  • Contributing accessibility features/fixes to existing open source projects
  • Managing and developing A360 open source accessibility projects when needed
  • Finding, applying to, coordinating and speaking at local, regional and national events


The following are the requirements for this position:

  • 2+ years professional Javascript development experience
  • Experience with React, Vue, Angular or similar
  • Experience contributing to open source projects
  • Ability and desire to share your knowledge via videos, webinars and speaking at conferences
  • Ability to speak and write to both a technical and non-technical audience

The following items are desirable, but not required:

  • Mobile development experience (iOS, Android, React Native, etc.)
  • An understanding of web-based accessibility issues
  • Screen reader and other assistive technology experience
  • Experience with the browser accessibility APIs, particularly in Chrome
  • Experience with universal design

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