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How Technology Creates Independence: The Story of Todd Stabelfeldt

Todd Stabelfeldt is a quadriplegic with no movement below his shoulders, but he takes every opportunity he can to find independence. Photo: Chiara Sottile

We just want to share this fantastic article about the impact of assistive technology on the life of Todd Stabelfeldt.

Technology changes and improves daily, transforming people’s lives and making what once was impossible or very difficult, now possible and easier! The feature on Todd and the tools he uses every day is an inspiration to all assistive technology users to keep an eye on innovations and new tools emerging every day.

“Apple’s assistive technology has changed Todd’s life. “I never thought I’d have the opportunity to be in love. To be married. To have children. To have dogs,” he said.  This technology has greatly benefited Karen as well. “When I’m cooking, I don’t have to stop and do those functions. He can facilitate and do those,” she said.

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