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Should I use an aria-label or screen-reader only text?

Every now and then a developer needs to include special content that should be seen by screen reader users, but not by anyone else. But what is the best way to convey this information? In some cases an aria-label is the way to go, but more often screen reader only text is best. Here are some instances for each. Hopefully this helps answer the question: Should I use aria-label or screen reader only text?

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Mark Your Calendars for May 18, Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2017!

Interested in learning about digital access? You won’t want to miss the sixth Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), Thursday, May 18, 2017! As the name implies, GAAD, which was inspired by a blog post written by Los Angeles-based web developer Joe Devon, aims to increase awareness around the crucial issue of digital access and inclusion. Throughout the day, there will be various events in select areas around the world (click for a listing of events ).

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Are you Brave Enough to Lead on Accessibility?!

So, becoming an “accessible” company has risen as a major issue over the past 18 months. Thousands of companies have been sued and even more have received demand letters with requests to meet the ADA (American’s with Disabilities Act) guidelines that have been supported by the Department of Justice. The usual scenario is a company gets sued and they come to companies like ours for a “solution”. IMHO (in my humble opinion) I believe the real opportunity for a company is to embrace accessibility and take a stance of “We believe in being accessible to all, inclusive of all and we are committed to doing whatever we need to to fulfill that promise”.

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Investors...Don't Forget Accessibility in Due Diligence!

Over the past two decades I’ve had the opportunity to work with numerous private equity and VC firms and have been through the due diligence process many times. This diligence has included all the usual suspects…. audited financials, ownership of intellectual property, customer contracts and the list goes on. Well, there is a new item that should be on every investors’ checklist whether you are on the buy or the sell side.

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MSP Business Journal Announces Aaron Cannon as a 'Titan of Tech'

Aaron Cannon shows off his certificate and favorite 80's artist 'Men Without Hats'

We are very excited to hear that the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal has announced Aaron Cannon as a “2017 Titan of Technology” honoree. Aaron is our Chief Accessibility Officer and plays a crucial role in helping our customers embrace accessibility as part of their digital content creation process. Aaron is also an accomplished software developer, a tireless advocate for inclusion, and overall fun guy to be around. Congratulations, Aaron!

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Be a Hero. Help Your Clients Become Accessible.

Mark Lacek and his dog Darby in the Lake I’ve been an ad/marketing guy for most of my life and always believed that our mission as an agency was to make our clients’ successful. Period. Bring them great ideas, keep them informed of trends, know their competition better than they do and simply be there to help them navigate the complex world in which we now live. And, if you did all of that well….. you kept and grew your accounts and you became their hero.

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An Honorable Resolution: Accessible to ALL.

Accessible360 Better. For All. As we begin the new year with high hopes and new resolutions to become better people than we were in the year gone by, lets also focus on how we can be better businesspeople. And, one big and meaningful way to be a better businessperson in 2017 is to make sure your company’s website is accessible to ALL. There are over 58 million disabled people in the U.S. alone who want to do business with you if you make it easy for them.

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Why Automatic Accessibility Scanning Tools Aren't Enough

Smart companies are always looking for ways to leverage automation to keep their businesses efficient and competitive. However, while we should always be looking to push the boundaries of what is possible, there are some things which simply should not or cannot be entirely automated. At present, one of these things is website accessibility. Just as you would not use a machine to tell you whether or not your website is designed well, or whether it provides a pleasant experience for your users, you should not rely on a software program, no matter how smart it may claim to be, to verify whether your site is accessible.

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Internal Accessible Tools We Use

Antique tools on a tool bench Here at A360 our staff is a diverse combination of sighted and blind users; remote and local users; and technical and biz users. Accessibility for our internal toolset is obviously very important for us to be productive across a wide variety of situations. I thought we should highlight some of tools that we use internally and their level of accessibility: Communication G Suite: We use gmail, google calendaring and Drive extensively.

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E-Commerce Accessibility: Our Top 7 Issues for Product Detail Pages

For the vast majority of e-commerce websites, there is usually a single template powering over 90% of all pages on the site- the product detail page. So, when starting remediation on a typical shopping site, we’ll often recommend tackling the product pages first. Certainly, if the remediation is going in coding sprints, or the client is under a tight timeline to make as much of their site accessible as possible, it makes good sense to fix as many pages as possible by fixing one template.

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