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MPS Website Accessibility Testing

Minneapolis Public Schools: Urban Education. Global Citizens. Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) is looking for volunteers with disabilities, especially those with vision impairments, hearing impairments and/or physical disabilities, to explore various web pages on the MPS site using either a PC or Mac computer. Volunteers are encouraged to explore the website in general as well. Volunteers are then asked to complete a brief survey (5-10 minutes) and give feedback on what is and is not accessible on the website.

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The Essential 2018 Budget Item!

My Daughter Ally and my favorite dog ever, Darby. Unlike Y2K, which was over communicated and promoted, digital accessibility for those with disabilities is the current technology issue that everyone needs to know about but doesn’t. It as simple as this, the DOJ has ruled that the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) now applies to the Internet. In essence, those with a disability should have equal access to the Internet which means your website needs to be accessible….simple as that.

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Accessible360 a 2017 MN Cup Semifinalist!

On May 30, it was announced that Accessible360 is one of 80 semifinalists in the 2017 MN Cup! The MN Cup, in its thirteenth year, is a statewide entrepreneurial competition where various start-up companies compete for a share of the $450,000 in prize money. Three finalists from eight divisions will be chosen to present their final business plans in August 2017. Each division winner will be announced shortly after. One start-up will be chosen as having 2017’s best new business idea at the awards celebration on October 9 at the University of Minnesota.

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How to Make Your Blog More Accessible

Do you write a blog or are you thinking of starting one? If you answered yes to one of these questions, you will want to make your blog fully accessible. Below are some suggestions on how to make your blog more accessible: 1. Enter alt text for essential images Any image on a website that conveys some type of message needs to be accessible to all. To ensure this, you must enter alt text.

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How Technology Creates Independence: The Story of Todd Stabelfeldt

We just want to share this fantastic article about the impact of assistive technology on the life of Todd Stabelfeldt. Technology changes and improves daily, transforming people’s lives and making what once was impossible or very difficult, now possible and easier! The feature on Todd and the tools he uses every day is an inspiration to all assistive technology users to keep an eye on innovations and new tools emerging every day.

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Accessibility Problems with Infinite Scrolling

Sure, infinite scroll may seem like a great idea for your site. From a design point of view it’s easy to implement, there are no page buttons to worry about, and you have better user retention since all the user has to do is scroll. However, there is mounting research (see further reading) that shows that the consequences of using infinite scroll are not always good, especially when it comes to accessibility.

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Should I use an aria-label or screen-reader only text?

Every now and then a developer needs to include special content that should be seen by screen reader users, but not by anyone else. But what is the best way to convey this information? In some cases an aria-label is the way to go, but more often screen reader only text is best. Here are some instances for each. Hopefully this helps answer the question: Should I use aria-label or screen reader only text?

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Mark Your Calendars for May 18, Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2017!

Interested in learning about digital access? You won’t want to miss the sixth Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), Thursday, May 18, 2017! As the name implies, GAAD, which was inspired by a blog post written by Los Angeles-based web developer Joe Devon, aims to increase awareness around the crucial issue of digital access and inclusion. Throughout the day, there will be various events in select areas around the world (click for a listing of events ).

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Are you Brave Enough to Lead on Accessibility?!

So, becoming an “accessible” company has risen as a major issue over the past 18 months. Thousands of companies have been sued and even more have received demand letters with requests to meet the ADA (American’s with Disabilities Act) guidelines that have been supported by the Department of Justice. The usual scenario is a company gets sued and they come to companies like ours for a “solution”. IMHO (in my humble opinion) I believe the real opportunity for a company is to embrace accessibility and take a stance of “We believe in being accessible to all, inclusive of all and we are committed to doing whatever we need to to fulfill that promise”.

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