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New Loyalty Strategy: Become Accessible

Guide dog with owner being trained

The concept of loyalty is timeless. What enlightened company does not endeavor to find and keep their best customers? Regardless of changes in society, culture or technology, the concept of loyalty will always ring true in business and in life.

So, where is the new frontier? Well, it is right in front of us and it is called “digital accessibility.” Digital accessibility simply means creating and maintaining digital environments that are accessible to those 57 million in the U.S. who have some form of disability, as well as to the 49 million over the age of 65, of which many will suffer a disability in their lifetime1.

Using common loyalty marketing terms, one can “acquire” the disabled population only if a company’s website and other digital properties are accessible. Over 71% of disabled people will abandon your website if it is not accessible2. Furthermore, to “retain” your aging customer base, who may become disabled, one needs to do the same. Combined, the disabled and aging population bases comprise over 100 million potential customers, equating to almost 25% of the U.S. population.

Becoming accessible is not difficult or expensive and opens your business to opportunities that will not exist without doing so. The next time you are planning your acquisition and retention plans, consider this new frontier. Blazing a trail here has never been easier, yet over 65% of website pages are not accessible.

Do the right thing. Be inclusive of ALL. The outcome will be new and loyal customers.

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