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MPS Website Accessibility Testing

Minneapolis Public Schools: Urban Education. Global Citizens.

Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) is looking for volunteers with disabilities, especially those with vision impairments, hearing impairments and/or physical disabilities, to explore various web pages on the MPS site using either a PC or Mac computer. Volunteers are encouraged to explore the website in general as well. Volunteers are then asked to complete a brief survey (5-10 minutes) and give feedback on what is and is not accessible on the website. This survey is designed to improve user experience and must be completed by June 23, 2017. Click to read the MPS website accessibility testing instructions.

Being a graduate of MPS (and an Accessible360 employee), I was especially interested in testing the accessibility of the MPS website. After accessing the five web pages listed in the instructions (and a couple additional pages within the site), I completed the 14-question survey. The survey asks questions such as your connection to MPS as well as any issues you experienced with accessing specific content and/or general navigation of the website.

For me, the majority of the MPS site is completely accessible. However, there were some pages may be inaccessible to screen reader users. There were some issues with drop-down menus. When tabbing through the main menu, users currently cannot access items in the drop-down menus using only a keyboard. The focus is not always visible as well. However, I could tab through the majority of the pages.

Thank you, MPS, for your interest in improving the accessibility of your website! We strongly encourage as many people as possible to take the survey!


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