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Microsoft’s “Eye Control” Creates New Opportunities For People With Disabilities

Tobii Eye Tracker 4c

We would like to share this wonderful article about a new feature from Microsoft for people with disabilities that was inspired by a simple email.

Former NFL player Steve Gleason, who has ALS, realizes the importance of technology in the lives of people with disabilities. “I realized pretty quickly after my diagnosis that technology would have to become an extension of myself. Until there is a medical cure for ALS, technology will be that cure,“ he said.

So three years ago, Steve made a request to Microsoft to develop a piece of technology that would work for him and others with similar disabilities. This led to the creation of the “Eye Control” feature. Steve said, “Having Eye Control in Windows 10 continues to bridge the gap between widely used technology and people with disabilities. It’s simply liberating.”

Read the full article here:

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