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iPhone/iPad Accessibility

Hands holding an iPhone

Since iPhones and iPads have become hugely popular, accessibility of these devices is key. Luckily, I have found the iPhone/iPad pretty accessible (but not perfect, of course).

The Good

One app for the iPhone/iPad I find very useful in terms of accessibility is AudioNote, which is also available for Windows and Mac. When I was in school, I used AudioNote to record lectures. I could also write my own notes. I also could press my finger on a certain note and the app would play the audio from when I wrote that note. Previously, I could not take notes on my own.

A360 auditor David Sexton also thinks the iPhone/iPad is good in terms of accessibility. He has had good experiences with VoiceOver, the iPhone/iPad’s screen reader. David also mentioned that Apple has an accessibility department where “you can call for help or to ask for a refund of an inaccessible app” (877-204-3930). You can also return apps or report problems.

The Bad

Although iPhones (and iPads) are pretty accessible, there is one main accessibility problem I find with my iPhone. Because I can only basically use one hand, taking pictures is difficult. I often accidentally press other buttons on my iPhone camera when trying to take pictures. I’m not totally sure how to fix this issue, but a possible solution would be to make iPhones bigger and/or not have the buttons so close together.

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