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Independence Day For Americans With Disabilities

President George H.W. Bush signs Americans with Disabilities Act

Today, July 26, is Independence Day For Americans With Disabilities. On this day back in 1991, President George W. Bush signed into law the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) and so began the journey toward inclusion. As we know, that journey now includes equal access to both physical and digital spaces like websites and apps. The move is on to ensure people with disabilities can also interact with digital content and functionality and we applaud the companies who are leading the nation by providing accessible websites and apps.

Here at Accessible360 we know, through first hand experience, that having employees that fall across the disability spectrum makes us a stronger and more diverse team. Having someone sighted working with someone blind working with someone in a wheelchair working with someone with low vision makes us all more aware, compassionate and in the end, productive.

It has been an honor for all of us to become more exposed to each other’s physical and mental differences and to work together to make the internet and mobile apps better for all. It is so rewarding to be in a business with a real purpose and people passionate about our mission. Accessibility is a social issue that can and is being fixed. One company at a time.

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