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An Honorable Resolution: Accessible to ALL.

Accessible360 Better. For All.

As we begin the new year with high hopes and new resolutions to become better people than we were in the year gone by, lets also focus on how we can be better businesspeople. And, one big and meaningful way to be a better businessperson in 2017 is to make sure your company’s website is accessible to ALL. There are over 58 million disabled people in the U.S. alone who want to do business with you if you make it easy for them. And, if you don’t, they will go to your competitor… is as simple as that.

Additionally, almost every major vertical (banking, education, retail, casual dining, travel, hospitality) has been sued by plaintiffs and their law firms for not being digitally accessible. Settlements by Target and Wells Fargo have been in the millions of dollars and no company wants to be known for not being accessible…not cool. Addressing the issue of digital accessibility is not only the right thing to do but also simply good for business. I can give you 58 million reasons why.

Keep an honorable resolution. We can help.

Originally published on LinkedIn

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