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Be a Hero. Help Your Clients Become Accessible.

Mark Lacek and his dog Darby in the Lake hero!

I’ve been an ad/marketing guy for most of my life and always believed that our mission as an agency was to make our clients’ successful. Period. Bring them great ideas, keep them informed of trends, know their competition better than they do and simply be there to help them navigate the complex world in which we now live. And, if you did all of that well….. you kept and grew your accounts and you became their hero. Kind of like how your dog thinks about you.

Well, put on your cape and grab your leash as we have a new way for you to be a hero. Carry the message to your client that it is in their best interest that their website and digital properties are accessible. What does being accessible mean? It means having designed and developed your website such that those with disabilities can efficiently and effectively navigate and transact. The majority of consumer facing sites do not meet this criteria.

Just close your eyes and try to imagine what it must be like to be blind and use the Internet. Daunting. Over 58 million Americans have some sort of disability that makes transacting on the Internet difficult if not nearly impossible if a company’s website is not accessible. The Department of Justice has ruled that the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) now applies to the Internet. Demand letters and lawsuits are being issued daily and nearly every industry has been targeted. So, minimally, there is a legal issue that needs to be addressed but, just as importantly, your clients should have accessible websites because it is simply the right thing to do. And, with an aging population most of us will have some sort of disability in the course of our lives.

Accessibility is an issue that most business people are simply unaware od. A simple conversation with your clients can inform and educate and put them on a path to be embraced rather than avoided by the disabled community. To learn more please review our short video at

Be a Hero. Your dog already thinks you are. Now make sure your clients do too.

Originally posted on LinkedIn

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