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Are you Brave Enough to Lead on Accessibility?!

So, becoming an “accessible” company has risen as a major issue over the past 18 months. Thousands of companies have been sued and even more have received demand letters with requests to meet the ADA (American’s with Disabilities Act) guidelines that have been supported by the Department of Justice. The usual scenario is a company gets sued and they come to companies like ours for a “solution”.

IMHO (in my humble opinion) I believe the real opportunity for a company is to embrace accessibility and take a stance of “We believe in being accessible to all, inclusive of all and we are committed to doing whatever we need to to fulfill that promise”. This is so obvious to me and the opportunity for a company(s) to distinguish themselves as caring, compassionate, inclusive and aware. While the latest US Census states that 1 in 5 Americans has some sort of disability according to ADA standards, the reality is that most of a company’s customers will experience some sort of disability in their lifetime. The disabled community calls us able bodied persons TAB’s (temporarily abled bodied). Think about this. We are in a society where our aging population is entering their latter years with a greater competency and understanding of technology and the Internet than any generation in history. And, most of us, will experience some sort of disability….visual, auditory, physical or cognitive as we age. The company(s) that understand this phenomena and embrace it will be the ones who retain their current “able” customer base and become attractive to the “disabled” community.

So, are you and your company willing to be brave enough to say…”being accessible matters and we will do all we can to make our site and digital properties accessible to all”? What a winning strategy and positioning for you. It sure feels a lot better than “we are becoming accessible because someone sued us”.

Think about this. A courageous position that is actually good for your business.

Originally posted on LinkedIn

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