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Accessible360 2021 Year in Review

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Happy Holidays from A360!

As another year winds down, we would like to wish you and your entire team a happy and safe holiday season! In reflection of the past year, it is quite clear that digital inclusion is more important than ever before. Our team was extremely busy as we grew at a record pace. Ultimately, when we look at the growth of our team and client base, among many amazing factors one thing stands out above all - the digital world became more accessible in 2021 than ever before! 

We continue to see organizations throughout the world view Digital Accessibility and WCAG Compliance as a “must-have” versus a “nice to have”. The path to a mostly accessible digital world is still many miles long and most certainly an ongoing effort, but 2021 was a fantastic step in the right direction. Whether you worked with our team or not, if you made a concerted effort to make your website, native apps, or other digital properties more accessible this past year, we deeply appreciate your dedication to equitable access, and your team should be extremely proud of your achievements.

2021 Year in Review

Here is a look back on just a handful of the many amazing highlights from a very busy 2021 for Accessible360 and the accessibility industry.

How We Grew

A Bright New Future for the World of Accessibility

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This fall, we expanded our amazing suite of services by welcoming CommonLook to the T-Base Communications family! This provides our clients direct access to the global leader in PDF accessibility software solutions and professional services. Here’s more info on the exciting CommonLook acquisition.

Where We Were

Demystifying Accessibility

Among being invited to many virtual conferences, webinars, and podcasts in 2021, A360’s CRO Michele Landis recently spoke on 3Play Media’s Allied Podcast about “Demystifying Accessibility” and common myths about tackling compliance. This was a very timely discussion, as we are asked daily about common pitfalls and misconceptions regarding digital accessibility. Listen to the podcast to learn more about this topic.

Building an Accessible B2B Web App

In November, our CTO Kelly Heikkila and Accessibility Engineer Anthony Lawlor were picked to speak at Minnebar 2021! They laced up their speaking shoes and headed to Target Field in Minneapolis to present in front of a fantastic group of attendees - focusing on “Building an Accessible B2B Web Application.” Check out Kelly’s event recap (livestream recording included).

“The Dignity of Work” International Disability Forum

This past March, A360’s Sam Graves and Ben Cantlon had the opportunity to present at “The Dignity of Work” Forum hosted by the University of Minnesota! Ben and Sam joined speakers from around the globe to discuss disability and employment. Here’s a blog post recapping the forum.

Industry Highlights

Colorado Enacts Law for Web Accessibility

In a landmark move for state governments, Colorado became the first state earlier this year to enact a law mandating that state agencies provide accessible technology by complying with the WCAG Guidelines. We strongly commend Colorado and the bill’s lead sponsor, Representative David Ortiz, for taking this necessary, and in our opinion, long overdue step. Check out our blog post on the Colorado law.

Web Accessibility Overlay Tools: NFB Cracks Down

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“Quick fix” and WCAG compliance generally don’t go hand-in-hand, especially if equitable access is truly the goal for any digital property. In July, the National Federation of the Blind took a strong stance in supporting the disabled community, especially those living with vision disabilities, by speaking out against the so-called accessibility quick fix - overlay tools. Learn more about the NFB’s opinion and what it may mean for your organization.

A Look Ahead to 2022

Implementing WCAG 2.2

The COVID-19 global pandemic has certainly shed light on the ever-growing importance of providing equitable access for ALL users through digital technology. Of course, this is done by complying with the WCAG guidelines. As we look ahead to 2022, we are already prepping for the release of the next integration of those guidelines - WCAG 2.2 - at some point next year. Recently, A360’s Michele Landis and Aaron Cannon provided some insight on how to begin preparing for this update. Check out their full WCAG 2.2 webinar.

If digital accessibility is on your team’s roadmap for 2022, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to learn about how we would love to help on your path to WCAG Compliance. Happy Holidays from the Accessible360 family to yours!

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