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"The Dignity of Work" International Disability Forum

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A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to present on behalf of Accessible360 at “The Dignity of Work: Challenges and Opportunities Facing People with Disabilities Around the World,” a virtual forum hosted by the Institute on Community Integration (ICI) at the University of Minnesota. The forum included presenters from many countries, who spoke about disability and employment.

We began our presentation by talking about the great work A360 does to help make websites and mobile applications accessible to people with disabilities, and the wonderful A360 team. We discussed how technology allows so many more people with disabilities, including many of our employees, to become more independent. In the case of our employees, we see this every day, as our blind auditors rely on screen readers to complete tasks. The power of technology to enable and sustain our work has been further highlighted this past year, as employees worldwide have had to work remotely due to COVID. 

We then spoke about how A360 can be even more inclusive and equitable in its work planning. Specifically, we discussed internal biases surrounding disability that exist at Accessible360: A360 does a good job but we can do even more. Approximately one quarter of our auditors are blind or have other disabilities, but we are targeting a 5050 split in order to create a more equitable workplace and division of labor.

We also talked about hiring more auditors with other disabilities besides blindness. For example, a person who uses a sip-and-puff device may notice different digital accessibility issues then someone who is blind or deaf. It also is good practice for A360 (and all companies), which serves people with a wide variety of disabilities, to employ people with a wide variety of disabilities.

We greatly appreciate the opportunity provided by ICI to share our experiences at A360, and to discuss ways to further improve inclusion and support A360’s mission and vision of equitable access for all. Check out some of the other excellent presentations and resources by visiting “The Dignity of Work” resources page. Many thanks again to ICI for organizing this informative and exciting international forum! 

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