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My Experience with WCAG 2.1.1: Accessing VoiceOver

Screenshot of VoiceOver double-tap timeout setting

Due to the fact that I have cerebral palsy, it is often difficult for me to make very quick keystrokes. A good example of this is using VoiceOver, Apple’s built-in screen reader. VoiceOver is an invaluable tool for people with visual impairments. Turning it on, when I am testing apps for Accessible360, can be very difficult. The default double-tap timeout setting for VoiceOver is 0.25 seconds, meaning users have to tap twice on the screen in 0.25 seconds to turn it on. Because I am unable to do this, I needed assistance to increase the double-tap timeout setting to 0.5 seconds, the maximum amount of time for this setting. This works for me but is still quite fast.

This issue relates to WCAG 2.1.1, which discusses “situations where a user would be required to repeat or execute multiple keystrokes within a short period of time.” It would be much less difficult if users could have more time to double-tap. For individuals who are blind or have low vision, in particular, this is absolutely essential! 

Here at Accessible360, we have a team of experienced auditors who test for issues such as this to ensure that your website or mobile application is WCAG compliant and provides equitable access. For more information on this topic, making your digital properties accessible, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), or anything in between, please contact us using the form on this page.  

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