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Benefits of Telemedicine

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I recently had my first direct experience with telemedicine, as I had a “virtual” doctor appointment. This got me thinking about how telemedicine can benefit many people, including those with disabilities - not only during the COVID-19 pandemic but well beyond.

A major benefit of telemedicine, and perhaps the most important, is that it can make healthcare more accessible to everyone. Too many people cannot attend doctor appointments in physical locations for various reasons and, perhaps, obvious access barriers. Having the option to attend doctor appointments virtually can be a huge relief to people and their families who cannot attend important appointments in physical locations.

A second and related benefit of telemedicine is that it saves significant time spent traveling to and from the doctor’s office. When I was younger (and even now to some extent), my parents and I spent a ton of time in the car going to and from doctor appointments. If we had the option of telemedicine, it would have been much easier for my parents and me. I have even lived relatively close to my doctors’ offices. For families who have to travel long distances for important appointments, telemedicine is not only helpful, but could be deemed essential.

Here at A360, we have multiple customers in the healthcare industry, and have seen first hand how COVID-19 has forced many of them to rapidly adapt to a more virtual offering - including the impacts of ADA Compliance and access barriers with this now essential technology. Therefore, we very much understand the role telemedicine plays in creating a more accessible and inclusive world. Telemedicine may not work for everyone or everything, but it certainly has significant benefits, and will undoubtedly serve a major role in the future of healthcare.

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