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Three Benefits Of Integrating A360 HUB With JIRA Cloud Server

A360 HUB webpage

Atlassian’s JIRA software is utilized by many of Accessible360’s customers to help manage their internal software development projects. Because of this, we’ve been asked a number of times to integrate the power and accessibility of the A360 HUB with JIRA to simplify workflow between the two systems. Accessible360 is proud to announce that we now have a bi-directional integration between the A360 HUB and JIRA Cloud Server available for our customers today.

1. Improve Workflow

During an accessibility audit project, the A360 HUB sends issue data to JIRA Cloud server. Issue data is sent to JIRA Cloud Server when auditors discover or resolve a new issue, or a comment is added. This allows clients to not lose track or worry about the status of their projects.

A360 audit issue written in HUB

2. Stay Flexible

A360 HUB issue fields are mapped to JIRA Cloud Server through an interface in the A360 HUB. This mapping makes it easy to customize project interactions for each environment or project. This also allows flexibility as a JIRA instance changes over time. Concatenating fields with fallback field values provide a powerful and easy way to get the right information in the right place at the right time.

HUB Issue Report

3. Organize Quality Assurance Testing

The integration allows issues to be sent back to the A360 HUB via JIRA’s webhook functionality whenever a configured event, such as a status change, takes place in JIRA Cloud Server. As auditors make note of the progress of each issue status, these changes will be noted in the A360 HUB. With this functionality at work, A360 can coordinate with clients to better organize complex rounds of Quality Assurance testing, saving valuable hours.

A360 provides up-front guidance to get the integration running very quickly for customer organizations. To learn more about the A360 HUB integration with Atlassian JIRA Cloud Server, contact us at or 612-440-3601.

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