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Minnesota Digital Accessibility Law Celebration: Kicking Off GAAD

Presentation at Minnesota Digital Accessibility Law Celebration

Representatives from A360 went to the MN State Capitol on Tuesday for the MN Digital Accessibility Law Celebration, an event put on by MN IT Services’ Office of Accessibility. The Celebration recognized the 10th anniversary of the Digital Accessibility and Usability Law, as well as digital accessibility advocates who worked to pass the law. The event also demonstrated how people with disabilities use and benefit from technology in their everyday lives. For example, eight State of MN employees shared what they learned from the 2019 CSUN Assistive Technology Conference, including digital accessibility learning opportunities.

The Celebration took place about a week before Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), which is on May 16. GAAD is meant to increase awareness of digital inclusion for people with all types of disabilities. The Digital Accessibility Law Celebration served as a good kickoff event for GAAD by demonstrating the significance of technology in the lives of people with disabilities.

Thanks, MN IT Services, for hosting this wonderful event!

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