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SXSW Takeaways

A360's Michele Landis speaking on four-person panel at South by Southwest

A few weeks ago, Michele Landis and I were invited to represent Accessible360 at SXSW (South by Southwest). Michele spoke on a four-person panel about digital accessibility.

The biggest thing I took away from SXSW was how much services like Accessible360’s are needed, and how much opportunity is still out there. The amount of misinformation out there baffles me. I think because we live and breathe this stuff everyday, we assume that most people with tech-related jobs are at least somewhat familiar with the concept of digital accessibility. That could not be farther from the truth. This lack of awareness can make an “elevator” pitch complicated, because the average person needs a good amount of context for our services to even make sense.

It was a great feeling to see “heads nodding” as Michele made her key points during her presentation. Michele was able to secure meetings with large tech and e-commerce companies. I was able to connect with a compliant analyst from WeWork and a small audio-transcription start-up.

I wasn’t there for long, so it was pretty much all business, but I was able to make a trip to the UT (University of Texas at Austin) campus and try the acclaimed “Torchys Tacos.” They did not disappoint!

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