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Digital Accessibility and Assistive Technology Spotlight: Poppy Jean Sundquist

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Accessible360 periodically showcases a digital superuser with personal insights into the digital landscape and assistive technology. By getting to know them, we learn more about the importance of digital accessibility, borrow their knowledge, and gain insights into important personal preferences.

Interview with Poppy Jean Sundquist

What are a couple of your favorite websites or mobile apps? Why do you like them, and what, if anything, makes them particularly accessible?
I like the app AccessNow (also available on Google Play), which tells you what businesses are accessible, and what makes them accessible. For example, the app will tell you whether the bathrooms and entrances are accessible.
How is digital technology critical to your daily life? Or how does technology improve your life experience on a regular basis?
I spend a lot of time waiting for and riding Metro Mobility, and I use my phone to get a lot of my daily tasks done then. My phone’s essentially my computer on the go.
What assistive technology do you use when visiting websites or mobile apps?
I use speech recognition. I use this because it’s faster and easier than using one hand for texting. Overall, it helps a lot. It would be better if speech recognition was a little more precise. But otherwise, I’m happy with it.
What are the most important accessible elements you look for in each website or app you use? Or what are the most common accessibility blockers you find when using websites or apps?
I look for captions since I’m hard of hearing. It helps me ensure that I’ve heard and understood what is being said to me through audio.
Can you imagine assistive technology that you would find useful but does not exist today?
Captions on all audio, with an option for a video with an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter.

Thanks so much, Poppy! We really appreciate you taking the time to educate us on digital accessibility/assistive technology!

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