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Digital Accessibility and Assistive Technology Spotlight: Katherine Schneider

Katherine Schneider walking outside with her seeing-eye dog

Accessible360 periodically showcases a digital superuser with personal insights into the digital landscape and assistive technology. By getting to know them, we learn more about the importance of digital accessibility, borrow their knowledge, and gain insights into important personal preferences.

Katherine Schneider, Disability Rights Activist

Would you tell us a little about yourself?
I am a retired clinical psychologist. I am also an activist and author.
What are a couple of your favorite websites or mobile apps? Why do you like them and what, if anything, makes them particularly accessible?
I like, as well as newspapers and magazines for the blind. I also enjoy playing Trivia Crack {a trivia app]. It’s a mostly accessible game except when it shows pictures.
How is digital technology critical to your daily life? Or how does technology improve your life experience on a regular basis?
For me, digital technology is a source of news and entertainment. I also use it for information for lectures, activism, etc.
What assistive technology do you use when visiting websites or mobile apps?
I use VoiceOver on my IPhone, and JAWS screen reader for my PC. I also use a Kurzweil scanner.
What are the most important accessible elements you look for in each website or app you use? Or what are the most common accessibility blockers you find when using websites or apps?
I look to see whether buttons are labeled and if headings are used appropriately. I look if items for sale on websites/apps are described as well as pictured, and if Facebook pictures are described by a human
If you could change one thing about the way all websites and apps behave or operate, what would it be?
All buttons would be labeled in alt text.
Can you imagine assistive technology that you would find useful but does not exist today?
I would like having an inexpensive, full-page braille output device.

Thanks so much, Katherine! We really appreciate you taking the time to educate us on digital accessibility/assistive technology!

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