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Interview with Anonymous Assistive Technology User (user preferred to remain anonymous)

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Accessible360 periodically showcases a digital superuser with personal insights into the digital landscape and assistive technology. By getting to know them, we learn more about the importance of digital accessibility, borrow their knowledge, and gain insights into important personal preferences.

Anonymous Assistive Technology User

What are a couple of your favorite websites or mobile apps? Why do you like them and what, if anything, makes them particularly accessible?
I like Facebook, YouTube, Uber and Aira - they have easy-to-use instructions and provide easy user experiences for blind people using assistive technology.
How is digital technology (websites and mobile apps) critical to your daily life?
Without digital technology, my life comes to a standstill. I use it for everything I do, other than sleeping. I even use it for eating, as I have a braille accessible microwave.
What assistive technology do you use when visiting websites or mobile apps?
I use JAWS and Voiceover [two screen readers].
Can you name some companies or non-profits that have given you the technology support you wanted, either supplying tools or training when you needed?
I mostly self-taught myself using tutorials online.
What are the most important accessible elements you look for in each website or app you use? Or what are the most common accessibility blockers you find when using websites or apps?
The most common blockers tend to be unlabeled images that must be clicked on to reach other activities, or mouse interactivity that must be used to interact with certain websites.
If you could change one thing about the way all websites and apps behave or operate, what would it be? And how would that one change affect the way you use them?
I would not change the websites; I would change the assistive technology to behave more like a mouse rather than a keyboard. Unfortunately, this is impossible with code :(
Can you imagine assistive technology that you would find useful but does not exist today?
See previous response. Also, a magical pot that would tell me when the food is done so I don’t have to look at and determine its color.
Lastly, are there any websites or apps you avoid, have a particularly difficult time using, or just want to call out as being inaccessible?
Yes. Instacart, because it’s almost impossible to use since there are so many blockers.

We really appreciate the respondent taking the time to answer these questions and educate us on the importance of digital accessibility!

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