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See how the A360 HUB, along with our live-user audits, can help you meet your accessibility goals now and in the future

A360 HUB Dashboard

  • Powerful, fully accessible, issue and project management for websites, apps, IoT and documents
  • Record milestones and easily see the status and history of your project for stronger legal protection

Accessibility Issue Reports

  • Report, filter and group issues to easily find what you need when you need it
  • See issue details including custom fixes, WCAG guidelines, screenshots and links to Knowledge Base articles to better understand the impact and priority of your issues

Integrated Knowledge Base

  • Fully integrated into your issue reports to quickly find out more about your issue and how to fix it
  • Reduce time to remediate your complex environment through real-life examples and code samples

Integrated Help Desk

  • Ask questions and get answers right from within each issue to speed remediation
  • Better track the history of Help Desk tickets and other comments on your issue or project

A360 HUB Integration Connectors

  • Bi-directional integration to Jira Cloud Server for seamless workflow between systems
  • Get up and runnig quickly with expert A360 guidance and flexible field mappings

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