Assistive Technology 101

Assistive technology (AT) is used by lots of people, especially those with disabilities, to help them do things they previously could not do or simply make things easier, including read, exercise, communicate, or use a computer. AT offers new opportunities to people with disabilities. Make sure to watch the brief video, produced by PACER’s Simon Technology Center, at the end of this post for a little “AT 101.”

Accessible360 focuses primarily, but not entirely, on AT relating to digital accessibility. For example, Accessible360 works a lot with screen readers, devices that read text on a screen aloud and are used by people who are blind or visually impaired.

Useful resources listed in the video include:

Minnesota STAR Program:
Association of Assistive Technology Act Programs:

Video Credits:
Produced by PACER Center
Directed by Bridget Gilormini
Artwork & Narration by Jonathan Campbell

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