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Your Accessible360 Team

At A360 we are focused on our clients’ customers and their experiences across client run websites and applications. Our technologists have been making sites compliant since the 1990’s and we have a superior set of comprehensive capabilities to provide website accessibility services.

A diversified team of accessibility experts

Our diversified team brings a breadth of experience in accessibility, web development, marketing and technology that is focused on making websites more accessible for all people.

Meet our AccessIble360 Leadership Team

  • Aaron Cannon, Accessibility ExpertLead Accessibility Engineer

    I am first and foremost a husband and father of four. As a seasoned front-end website developer and Accessibility Engineer offering a most unique set of skills and experiences, I co-founded A360 to help clients navigate compliance.  I have a vested interest in making the web more accessible for everyone because I use a screen reader, for both work and recreational use of the Internet. I lead the design /UX  on the National Institute for the Blind’s website; it marked the first time a person who is blind took the lead designing a site for both sighted and visually impaired people.

    I first got on the web in 1996 using the Lynx web browser via a Linux shell account. When Windows screen readers improved to the point where they could interact much better with Internet Explorer, I made the switch. I am proficient in several programming platforms and languages (WordPress, Django, Zend Framework, Python, PHP and JavaScript) and especially enjoy the teaching & training aspect of Website Accessibility work.

    Working in Website Accessibility professionally since 2007, I became an Accessibility Engineer in 2011 and lead the Audit Services for A360.

  • Kelly Heikkila, VP, Technology & StrategyVP, Technology & Strategy

    I often marvel at all the parallels between indie film production and software startups. Both take great, creative ideas and build something out of nothing with a group of passionate (and a bit crazy) people. Before getting into software I worked in the film and commercial industry as a location manager. I scouted for, contracted, and managed logistics for filming locations. It was an incredible but grueling experience blowing things up, transforming a town for an entire summer, and finding parking for a mile worth of cars and trucks. It’s also where I originally acquired my nickname, K2.

    I’ve been developing software since 1999, working as a coder, architect, product manager and business owner. Some of the worlds largest organizations use software that I’ve helped build in order to better run their businesses. I also founded and sold a web + mobile development agency, so I know both the product and service sides of the world. Through these experiences I truly understand that it takes both passionate people and great technology to do the incredible things that Accessible360 is doing.

    I love being outdoors, riding my bike, running, and indoors watching and reading sci-fi. My wife Rachel and I are the proud parents of three brilliant, funny, caring sons.

  • Michele Landis, Business & Strategic PartnersVP Business Development & Strategic Partners

    My years of successful sales and business development experience paired with my service and leadership on programs focused on inclusion and equal access have all fed my entrepreneurial spirit and prepared me for a unique opportunity in the area of website accessibility consulting. The best part of my position with A360 is increasing awareness and helping clients learn what it means to become compliant. It’s not only the right thing to do, it’s good for your business.

    I lead the Business Development for A360 by identifying potential partners, consulting on creative website strategies for our clients’ businesses and strengthening community relationships to further our mission.

  • Peter Quale, Digital StrategistDirector of Technology

    I am a technologist who is interested in growing your market share through accessibility.  My top areas of experience lie not only in creating websites that meet or exceed Section 508 & WCAG 2.0, but also in demonstrating the impact of accessible code on your SEO & SEM.  UX issues and attributes we consistently find errors in during audits, when fixed can positively affect everyone’s use of a website. I have been using industry best practices and ADA Guidelines to construct accessible websites since the early 1990’s and got my start doing so for the University of North Carolina.

    I am well versed in JavaScript & CSS, Java, PHP, SQL, C# and Python. My agency experience offers A360 clients extended benefits in the area of how the overall development of your website affects your marketing. I have managed several multi-million dollar integrated media campaigns for national brands.

    Additionally, I have years of experience evaluating website technology for legal teams on cases including those vs: Amazon, Overstock and Netflix. I lead the Website Remediation services at A360.

  • Kelly Henry, Operations & StrategyVP Operations & Strategy

    I come to Accessible360 with the knowledge and desire to have the small details match up with the overall plan. My experience of managing technology projects and ensuring they are completed on time and within budget ensures our clients have a good experience and positive outcome. I enjoy working at A360 because of our fun & talented team and seeing firsthand how rewarding it is to create amazing web experiences that benefit a larger audience of users.

  • Mark Lacek, Founder & PresidentPresident

    As President, my role is to assemble a team of professionals that ensure that your needs as a client are fulfilled to your complete satisfaction. I have co-founded numerous marketing agencies and technology firms and bring a “customer” focused approach to our business.  I believe in both a “right’ and “left” brain approach to leveraging your website assets.

    Mark was honored as Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the year in 1998 – Midwest Region. Advertising Age’s “One of America’s 100 Best and Brightest in Advertising and Marketing.” Minneapolis/St Paul Magazine recognized Mark as one of the “Twin Cities Best Brains” in 2014.

    I am the proud father of two daughters, Emmy and Ally. Along with my wife, Susan Lacek, I co-founded Faith’s Lodge, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping families who have lost a child or who have a child facing a life threatening illness. In 2015, I was honored to receive the University of St Thomas’ Humanitarian Award.